Here it is, my very first post.  I have been thinking I should ‘do’ a blog rather than just taking numerous photos and leaving them on the memory card and only sharing my thoughts with my long suffering family ( I can see them glazing over as soon as I start talking about anything vaguely to do with plants or gardens).  So my hope is that this will serve as a useful record of my life in plants, and then if anyone else happens to read and enjoy my notes and posts, even better.

So to Chelsea.  I had a ticket for Wednesday afternoon with my dear friend Rosie S Bloom.  (Seeing her name in type makes me smile,  so appropriate, and no I have not made this up). We felt quite under dressed as a number of visitors had clearly thought about their outfits, sporting fabulous flowery coats and jackets.   The crowds were immense and patience had to be the order of the day if  we wanted to get closer to the exhibits.  Generally people were polite and in the most British of manners we all sort of queued and waited  for our turn close to the plants.  These two charming Chelsea Pensioners seemed happy to have their picture taken whilst we waited to take a closer look at the M&G Centenary Garden.


A great deal has been written about the gardens, the plants and the people,  coverage is always comprehensive, so rather than try to do the same I shall show some of the things that caught my eye.

Colourful planting schemes by Chris Beardshaw for The Arthritis Research Uk Garden were a delight and inspiring:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A great deal had been mentioned about  Gnomes and how they were to be  permitted into the Show for the first time.  Somehow I thought they would be a garden scale, standard size, instead they were small and rather special , behind glass following their decoration by the Great and the Good.

I would not give them house, sorry garden room. They do seem to make people smile which can’t be a bad thing:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Those paying attention may have noticed that the glittery pink Gnome with the big specs. is decorated by non other than Sir Elton John. A sort of self portrait Elton, circa. 1970’s  in Gnome form, love it.

Transformation Stoke-on-Trent Garden Partnership had created some very beautiful bone china bricks for their exhibit. The hollow hand made bricks were a collaboration between skilled ceramicists and local school children.  Very tasteful and not at all Gnome like.       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One aspect of  Chelsea that is a little overlooked are the commercial stands.  Some of these are as inspiring as the gardens themselves.

To be continued……

and Happy Gardening .