Sunday morning, alarm clock ringing, train to Town, tube to Old street and short stroll to the Market.  I have never been to the market before although it has been on my to do list for a number of years, so I was delighted to finally check it out.  June the 2nd, 2013 will for me, be the start of Summer (well here’s hoping) sunshine and flowers, vintage stores, yummy coffee and croissants, Heaven.  



The flowers today were predominantly bedding and cut flowers, however there were a few walking bamboos and standard bays early on, around 9am, perhaps I had already missed the bargains.  One or two young chaps passed us carrying armfuls of parrot tulips and lilies, for their better half perhaps, or their Mums? The atmosphere was buzzing,all sorts of  Londoners were here and given that we had Kate the dog with us, lots of people felt compelled to speak.  You will never be lonely with a dog and that’s a fact. 

One stall had a great selection of herbs from which I chose a creeping rosemary and a red veined sorrel. (£4.50 the two.) Mr Dorris treated me to a bunch of Runuculus andImage I smiled for the rest of the day.   

If you haven’t got your bedding yet, and fancy choosing something from somewhere more exciting than the local garden centre, get yourself down to E2 on Sunday morning.