I just love to see Alliums in a garden. These are in my garden and the variety is ‘Purple Sensation’. They are easy to grow, inject a burst of colour in late Spring/ early Summer and once they have finished flowering, they dry out to leave a skeleton of their former selves from which the head will eventually detach and roll around the border, reminiscent of those tumbleweeds seen in old cowboy movies.

As Alliums are from the onion family, their leaves and bulb do have that distinctive odour however the flower has no noticeable scent but perhaps it is this smell which deters rabbits.  They seem to grow on any soil, my garden is on a flinty clay mix and I have had equal success with them at The Big Garden which is on almost solid chalk.  Both are in sunny borders but Alliums seem to be just as happy in part shade.

At The Big Garden, I have planted Alliums in the terrace borders.  Here they compliment  a combination of an unknown variety of pale mauve bearded Iris, Nepeta, and a Geranium believed to be ‘Johnsons Blue’. The depth of colour of the Allium really stands out and perhaps this demonstrates why it was given its name ‘Purple Sensation’.

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