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On one of the hottest days of the year so far, we headed into London.  Madness? perhaps,  but really we were entertaining our music student guest from Texas with a cultural and retail fix.  Whilst the students soaked up the spectacle of a dress rehearsal of Tosca at the Royal Opera House we headed off along Regent street.

Here we wandered into Anthropologie a rather beautiful shop of ladies clothes, accessories and home wares.  Housed in what appears to have been some form of warehouse,  is a rather fantastic living wall.

ImageThese snaps fail to do it justice, it is enormous and stretches over three floors serving as a back drop to an open tread metal staircase.  It looks lush and green and seems to absorb some of the sound rather as if someone has hung a huge rug on the wall.  On closer inspection you can see that some parts have been replanted. and here you see the mechanics of the structure.Image

Enamoured,  I wandered around the shop and came across an amazing feather screen surrounding one of the beds on display.  Tiny feathers threaded on some form of clear nylon(?) they appeared to be floating in the air. How original, it brought to mind siblings beating each other in a raucous pillow fight.


On to the fabulous Liberty store.  Here I know I will be greeted with some beautiful floral display no matter what the time of year, as the entrance foyer is home to the renowned florist Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart.  Mr Dorris and I took a look at the furniture collection,  this time, as a nod to Summer in the garden, I spotted some original displays:  Take a seat anyone?Image

Or if ever you are stuck with what to do with that broken old typewriter:Image

So there you have it, gardens can crop up in all sorts of places, you just need a little imagination!

Phew what a scorcher !