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harvest 002Yesterday was spent picking fruit.

harvest 006There were loads!

A wheelbarrow full of Conference Pears, baskets full of cookers as well as Williams, and various eating apples.

harvest 007

After last year, when there was hardly any fruit thanks to the just awful weather, we left what was there for the birds.  2013 seems to be a bumper crop.

harvest 008

This whopper of an apple on the left, sat next to a golden delicious sized apple is an eater.  I am not sure I have ever seen an eating apple as big as this, cut up it would probably feed a family of four! Well you know what I mean, it’s huge.

harvest 003By complete contrast this small tree was almost bowing over under the weight of its fruit and yet each apple, shiny and dark red is tiny, about the size of a Victoria plum.  Another eating variety these are sharp and sweet to the taste.

So what to do with all of this fruit?  Too much to just eat, some choice specimens will be picked out for pies and puds, whilst the bulk of it will be taken off to Mr Nutkin, yes that is his real name, to be pressed and bottled into juice.  Once bottled, the juice can be stored for best part of a year.  How wonderful, fresh organic fruit juice from the garden to be enjoyed in the depths of Winter.  One sip and a little thought, will conjure up memories of a wonderful year in the garden.