One of the challenges of gardening for long periods, in all sorts of weather, is that you need to keep your energy going. Eight hours of gardening takes its toll. Lots of digging or raking or sweeping or sawing, saps my energy, and it takes planning to make sure that I have the right grub with me at work.

To be honest no planning goes into it as the food I take with me is taken from whatever is in the fridge or cupboards.  Normally at about 10 am I will have a cup of tea and a banana, and sometimes if it is cold I will have one of my sandwiches as well. The boys I work with will have half of their sandwiches or toasted crumpets or even a bacon sandwich if it is a Friday followed by a handful of Daves cakes (you know the ones, orange centres covered in chocolate, come in a blue box).

Yesterday, which was a beautiful calm day after the gales of Monday, I was given a granola bar to try. Norman produced a cellophane wrapped bar from the depths of his pocket and asked me to tell him what I thought. My first thought ‘You been cooking Norm?’ was put to rest when he explained that it is a new mail order venture by Mrs Mills Makes Cakes.


So at tea break I carefully unwrapped the cellophane to try the granola bar. Full of seeds and oats with some cranberries, it looked good and Reader I am happy to report it was delicious! I had expected it to be a bit dry and tough on the teeth but in fact it was sweet, moist and chewy. I scoffed the lot in one sitting.

Back to work with renewed energy I noticed that at lunch time I still was not hungry. So could this be it? the solution to all gardeners hunger pangs? Mrs Mills Makes Cakes granola bar? Available by mail order £10 for 8 including post and packing. http://www.mrsmillsmakescakes.co.uk

I think I shall be placing an order to keep for gardening emergency days, when the weather is getting the better of me, or I am just too tired.

No idea how many calories they have though…. maybe they need to be saved for real emergencies!

If you have a favourite food to keep your energy levels up, please do tell me.