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This is what is in a vase on Monday chez Dorris.  But it’s Tuesday I hear you cry, well yes, I am aware of that, but when you read on you will see why I have chosen to publish this late.

I read of a charming idea to share a picture of what is in a vase on a Monday on blogs by Chloris, Cathy and Annette.  Chloris started on this theme last week and I thought it was a lovely idea and took up her suggestion to take part.  So here is my effort for this week.

monday vase 004

Then when I looked into sharing the link I realised that the flowers should be something from my garden or that I have grown.  Well Reader I have a confession to make, I admit that I did not grow these Paperwhites rather I purchased them from the market and put them in this old medicine bottle which my lovely sister gave me, with some painted twigs that I had kept from an earlier arrangement.

This bottle has a lid which still contains weird, medicinal powder, I find this a little bit creepy but I do like the clear crisp black lettering on the white background.  I looked up the strange words,  Rhei Radic Pulv. and understand that it is a rhubarb based medicine used to purge the system.  I have read that it is bitter in flavour, and acts on the spleen, stomach, large intestine, heart and liver channels.  Well I do not propose to try this out, but thanks Carrie, it makes an interesting vase.

Next Monday I will make sure I do a proper effort of  ‘in a vase’.  To see real examples take a look at: