Other Hellobores in a vase on Monday

Rambling in the Garden

IMG_1417 Putting together today’s vase was a doddle compared to photographing it without including my reflection! As always, there was a chain of thought in the process, beginning with the hellebores which along with snowdrops are currently the brightest stars in the garden galaxy. Knowing they don’t last long in water when picked with their stems I decided to take just the heads – one from every hellebore that is flowering but excluding H niger which is past its best and the first flower just discovered today on H Harvington Double Yellow. There are more to come, but today’s trawl included 10 different hellebores although in the end I left out a pure white specimen as she was so much bigger than the others and would have dominated the vase as well as taking up too much space.

IMG_1423The concept of floating hellebore heads lead to the ‘float my boat’ title…

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