I mentioned last week that the ‘in a vase on Monday’ blog post/ meme has inspired a number of friends to look at what is in their garden in a new light and how it has encouraged them to bring a little piece of the outside in.  I have found this really very satisfying, how great to spread the idea and to hear that it gives pleasure to others.  One or two have even photographed their arrangements and sent me a picture of their vase.

This is by Jo who has used an old tonic bottle as her vase for a few Japanese quince flowers.  I think it is Just the tonic for a Monday morning. Thanks Jo.

vases 002

This next one is by my gardening chum who has been pulling weeds from the garden. Her exact words were ” a pleasing composition  – ok in the kitchen, but not in the borders!”

vases 001


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. D.