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Monday again, and this Monday is rather damp, cool and grey. To reflect this I have today chosen a rather damp, cool and grey arrangement.


This is the blossom of the Juneberry or Amelanchier Lamarckii picked from my damp garden this morning.  The paper thin white blossom is only just beginning to open and the leaves still have a slight bronze tone to them.  This is a small shrub presently but if left unchecked can grow into a tree of 12 x 8 meters. Pruning will be provided.  The leaves emerge in Spring slightly bronze turning to green in Summer and orange in Autumn.  Fruit is a purple dark red in Summer which the birds will usually eat.   Amelanchier offer a long season of interest and I believe they have a low level of pollen so they are a good variety for allergy sufferers.


The vase is a very pale grey, Danish glass by Holmegaard. Known as a Gul vase, it was chosen for its colour and shape.  Ordinarily the vase is kept empty however today it seemed to be the perfect vessel to relect the mood of the skies.

This post is following Cathy of ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com who has a lovely scented arrangement to share.  If you would like to join in put a link to this blog and a link to yours in the comments section here. Have a good day whatever you are doing.