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Today has been all about packing, packing and packing. The removal men arrived at 9am and after a disheartening start when they realised that the van was too big to park on the drive, the realisation dawned that everything to come out of the house would have to come down the drive and along the track . They soon set to it and by 2 pm the house was looking empty, and the men a little sweaty.

Rooms were left with blue dust shadows, hinting at the location of a former cupboard or some such. The clean up began until our kindly French neighbour arrived with a basket of home cooked food. How marvellous! Work stopped, wine opened and I offered her a rather amateur bunch of flowers to accompany her wine as a token thank you.

The posy contained Astrantia major, the blue geranium (Johnson’s blue?) rose Gertrude Jekyll and an unnamed dark pink rose. This is a little snap shot of the garden I am about to leave behind. Sixteen years during which time so much has happened and the garden has evolved into something rather pretty and comfortable. Here are a few snaps to say goodbye.









As is usual for the Monday vase I am joining Cathy and the others to share our vase images and ideas. Take a look or even better, join in. The link is http:// ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com