My vase this week is courtesy of a friend who arrived to see my new home with this delightful arrangement.  I did not pick these.  I did not grow these, but I did put them in the vase.  Does that count? I hope it will.   















They came from a florist in Winslow and I especially enjoyed the addition of the Clematis.  I have never used cut Clematis and thought it quite original.  I have to report however that the flowers started to drop after just three days, but I would add that it was rather warm. Life in my garden has changed greatly, I now have no garden to speak of at all.  The flowers are non existant save for a few old roses, and by that I mean old not old fashioned.  I have yet to transport three truck loads of my plants from their temporary holding bay and this is my plan this week.  My Monday in a vase challenge is going to be increasingly tough.