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I love this part of the blog routine, started by Cathy on http://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com It reminds me of Show and Tell at Primary school.  So the idea is to pick something from the garden and put it in a vase, photograph it and tell all about it.

Well I have moved and have a large expanse of grass where a garden is yet to be planted so I have been struggling to find anything to show.  This week I have tried to think outside the box and decided to share some roses with you.in a vase sep14 004

So where did they come from if not my garden? Well I pinched em. tee hee,

in a vase sep14 005

Not really, they are grown by my dear old Dad for Mum who is an keen flower arranger.  They are grown in a long line along the side of the driveway and bloom consistently from May to the first hard frosts.  They are a variety of so-called ‘Pink Perpetue’.  The flowers open from bud to a wide open bloom of about  15cm, revealing a clear golden yellow centre ready for pollinating insects.  The edge of the petals are crinkled slightly and remind me of bridal confettii. A deep inhale picks up a gentle but distinct rose scent.  They have incredibly thorny stems, dark green leaves and are generally pest free, although that may well be thanks to my Dad’s regular system of spraying.

The vase is actually a pint size green Craftsman mug by Denby to celebrate their two hundreth year. I like the contrast between the green mug and the pink blooms.

So there you have it, half inched roses. Enjoy your day and be sure to take a look at some of the other vases.