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nov 14 026


Since I moved house I have struggled to find suitable material to place in a vase for this lovely meme, started by Cathy at ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com

I know a number of readers really enjoy the vase post so this is my offering for today.  I took the dog for her walkies armed with my snips.  The berries are a combination of Rose hips, Rosa canina or Dog Rose and Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna berries.  nov 14 028


The collection of test tubes is actually one of my all time favourite vases made by Tse & Tse Associees.  I have had the vase for many years and enjoy the way it is possible to divide the tubes into smaller groups, to arrange it in straight lines or to clump them together to create an informal cluster of tubes.  It is however a nightmare to clean so I do not bother too hard.  As a consequence the glass has taken on a slightly opaque tone, which makes it look far more like it has been recycled from some old laboratory, rather than purchased new, from a London department store.

As to the berries I rather like the Christmas tones they have brought into the house, most appropriate given that today is the first day December, I also love their fat ‘eat me, eat me’ look they presumably offer the birds.   Better get up in the loft for the decorations soon.

Do take a look at http://www.ramblinginthegarden/wordpress.com to see some other vases put together by other bloggers.  I hope they will inspire you to bring something in for your vase. Wishing you a great week. D