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November was a busy time in my garden as the clear up began.  We woke up on the morning of the first of November to a downpour, how disappointing after the glorious day we had had the day before.  By 10am however the skies had cleared, the rain with it and out came the sunshine.  Brother Dorris arrived with a shiny new chain saw and a big grin.  “Right then what do you want cutting down?”

church barn 012

So first off was the (self sown?) Sycamore tree which was far too close to the garage building. One of the two Indian Chestnut trees was next, sadly these had been all but destroyed by the previous occupants ( the goats) standing, but stripped of their bark, they were slowly dying.

church barn 015

The old stock fencing was next, claw hammer at the ready, off came the wiring then out it came.  Instantly the space began to look like it all belonged together.

church barn 057

“Now what can I chop down”

Out came the couple of dead fruit trees.

Burning nicely ” When can I do the dead tree?”  So once next door moved their car out of harms way, down it came.  Yippee we shouted, the ugly old tree has gone.

church barn 058

Enough.  A great big tidy up was made and after refreshments,  Brother Dorris climbed into his car, still grinning but looking rather grubbier than when he had arrived.  Bonfire at the ready.

church barn 008

I checked the forecast for tomorrow: rain.  Better cut the grass and sweep up the mountains of leaves to finish the job for today.  It was most satisfying to see the clear up well underway.

A week later Buster Bond arrived to tackle the trees which had been allowed to encroach the over head cabling.

trees nov 14 002

Brother Dorris was forbidden from getting anywhere near these trees, and so an experienced tree man was brought in. Mr Bond and his colleague (don’t you just love the name) arrived early and took half a day to carefully unpick the tangle of Ash and Chestnut branches. What a difference this made.

Another week on and Brother Dorris returned, this time to help tackle the rest of the stock fencing.church barn 013


nov 14 003Then there was the relocation of the espalier apple tree which had been planted in a raised bed on the terrace. Given that raised beds are essentially large pots the tree needed to move.  A new site was chosen, next to the area of stock fencing which is to remain, giving it a needed framework to train along then a large hole was prepared.  A light pruning of the tree first, followed by a lengthy amount of digging to release the main root framework from the soil.  After much rocking and pulling, the soil finally relinquished its grip.  The tree was just about small enough to move through the house and take out to its new home.  trees nov 14 001 trees nov 14 003



Meanwhile, at the garden where I work, seventeen new trees were added to the tree planting carried out two Winters ago.  Copper Beech,  Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’ were added to the earlier three to form a grouping which will eventually knit together.trees nov 14 006


The trees were supplied by Majestic Trees who also provide a delivery and planting service, essential given the size of the task.  Further planting was added to an area which is to eventually create a copse.  Here we chose Acer campestre, Field Maple, Quercus Ilex and Quercus Robur the Evergreen Oak and  English Oak as well as a couple of Fagus sylvatica, Beech trees.  These trees look wonderful in their new setting, it takes vision and patience to appreciate that these trees will not be at their best in our lifetime, rather it will be our grandchildren who will hopefully get to see them in all their glory.

I may not have carried out much blog work during November but I was not completely idle: planning and organising the clearing work in my garden was essential before the next phase can start, and start it has.  The plans have been sketched out on paper, Liz my gardening chum has helped me mark out the ground ready for Jez of Collier Landscapes to start the next phase, lifting the turf and turning the soil ready for Spring planting.  It is starting to take shape…….