Getting ready for Christmas is in some ways, the best part.  Wrestling the box of decorations out of the loft or cupboard, carefully unwrapping the contents, is always a sign that Christmas is on its way.  The annual ritual of choosing the tree which gets to grace our homes, then struggling and battling with said tree to get it vertical, is another one of those fun preparations.  This year, as daughter Dorris is away at University I decided to dress the tree with her, thanks to the technology that is Face time.  Such larks, a bit like the Golden Shot, if you can remember that , Left a bit, right a bit.

Then there is the making of the wreath.

wreath 2014 001 wreath 2014 002 wreath 2014 004

I have for the past few years done one for home and one for the boss.  This year the boss settled on a green and red theme liking the traditional mix of foliage and berries.   Bright and  cheery.

For myself I chose silvery tones thanks to a donation of Eucalyptus leaves and teasels from one of my neighbours.  The teasels got a squirt of silver spray and I used some ribbon left over from an earlier Christmas.  This may be rather understated for some however I am happy enough with it.

wreath 2014 wreath 2014 007

On Saturday I helped to dress the Church with a friend and neighbour, Mrs Martha. As we were the new girls we were trusted to do the porch, i.e. not actually the interior of the Church.  These are our efforts: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I hope you are nearly ready and your decorations are up.  Ten more sleeps!