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I missed last Mondays ‘in a vase’ slot, and yet I had this lovely vase to share.
My neighbour Annette came across to see me last week, to see how I was getting on in the garden, with a bunch of dark pink peonies.””they are just some wind falls from the garden, I thought you might appreciate them”.


The next day mother Dorris called by for a cup of tea and gave me a few of her windfalls., grown by Father Dorris.  Three roses, the soft golden coloured one is aptly named Golden Celebration, which has a strong rose scent.  Super Trouper is the strong orange coloured one above and the softer coppery orange one below with the waved petals is Just Joey.


I have to tell you that they lasted a week before dropping copious petals to create a ring of soft colour around the base of the jug.  How generous gardeners are, always willing to offer bundles of surplus vegetables, flowers or plants.

I hope you are lucky enough to receive a gift this week.  In the meantime take a look at Cathy’s lovely blog https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/in-a-vase-on-monday-summer-breeze-makes-me-feel-fine  to see what she and other bloggers have found to share in their vases this week.