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In raised beds I have grown as many scented and bee friendly plants together. There is rosemary, an edge of lavender, small olive trees and a fig. Mixed with these are a couple of clipped box cones and a couple of purple leaf acers. The flowers for today’s vase reflect the bits inbetween.

Ann Folkard is a geranium with rather lime coloured foliage which creeps up and around it’s neighbours in a rather passive manner. Knautia Macedonia is growing like mad this year but does seem to have a touch of powdery mildew. Too dry perhaps!?

The Hyssop is a good strong shape, unlike the naughty Knautia which is lolling around. It also has a strong dark purple colour, scented leaves and the bees love it.

The lavender was chosen for its colour and scent of course and because it tends not to get as big as some varieties.
Lavandula stoechas or French lavander is pretty for its flags and scent, again insects like it.
Allium sphaerocephalon is one of my favourite alliums in that it has such a dark burgundy colour, is without those unattractive strap leaves that the other forms have and it comes back time and time again.

Verbena bonariensis is a useful back of border plant which the bees and butterflies love. No scent and borderline hardy it will self seed if you’re lucky.

I introduced the palest yellows to the scene for full on scent. Jasmine clotted cream is strongly scented and not as rampant as some garden varieties. It may not be as hardy as some but managed well last Winter in its quite sheltered spot. Finally and by no means least, Nepeta govaniana. This catmint is lovely, graceful even, flowering until the Autumn with a strong catmint scent when touched.

So there it is folks, my Summer in a vase, well a marmalade pot to be precise. This was a Tring Friday market find and usually houses an orchid in the kitchen.

I don’t think any bees visiting these flowers will be pollinating any oranges for marmalade, but I can dream.

Cathy at https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2015/07/20/in-a-vase-on-monday-calmer-serener
Is the host of this meme. This week she has some lovely dahlias in her vase, do take a look and then peek at some of the many others on show.
Failing that get outside and pick your own flowers. Have a good Monday.