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I am rather particular about some things, hey, aren’t we all, and coffee is one of those things. I like one good strong coffee brewed in a Biallettii type pot, with no milk. The coffee of choice is either Illy or Lavazza, my choice generally dictated by which is on offer at the time of purchase. Anyway the tin which held my Illy was rather too nice to throw away and today I found a use for it.


My supermarket purchase Dahlia ‘Arabian Night” is pleasingly dark and brought black coffee to mind and then the tin. To this I have added Verbena bonariensis, the orange, still flowering , Geum ‘ Mrs Bradshaw’ button tops from Astrantia ‘Roma’ the spikes of another dark roast , the rather splendid Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Firetail’.

The only part of the Dahlia I am not keen on is the rather harsh yellow centre shown once fully opened. I guess the bees may like the look of the yellow so I will try to divert my gaze.


I hope you have a good week and I hope you will stop by Cathy’s blog to look at hers and some of the other vases for Monday.