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Today’s vase, for our wet bank holiday Monday is an eye popping combination of densely populated petals crammed into a large green mug.


The dahlias are the darkest velvet ‘Arabian Night’ offset by the brightest pop of orange Callendula.


The marigolds are not from my garden instead they were a gift from the garden of my Winslow friend, thanks Liz.


I love the colour combination and the texture of the petals, I also love the fact that they have been picked from the garden and shared between friends.
Well friends, I hope you are enjoying the long weekend wherever you are and I hope I can urge you to take a few minutes to take a look at Cathy’s blog to see some other vases. http://www.ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com.2015/08/31/in-a-vase-on-Monday-c’mon-you-reds