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Overnight the weather slipped from Summer into Autumn. Gentle rain, what as children we were told is a “soft day”. So with the soft light in mind I have picked a haze of purple.


The purples centre around the froth of a forgotten named Aster, to this I have picked, for the first time Eupatorium. These were planted in the Spring this year and they are growing well, reaching up to about hip height. I hope next year they continue growing upwards to nearer 2 meters. The dark tight buds open to a lighter shade of claret.

There is some of the most pleasing of flowers, Verbena bonariensis; who could resist their iridescent shade of purple.


Astrantia Roma is included, still flowering it’s little cushions off. Then finally I have added two tiny very precious blooms from my latest fave: Seseli montanum. You have to look closely to see the tiny clustered bloom.


I hope you are having a good Monday and will take the time to join Cathy to see some of the other Monday vases.