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Greetings, to you this Monday.
I am joining Cathy at Ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/in-a-vase-on-monday-
The weather forecast I heard is for colder, dry weather, with a risk of frost overnight. As I looked at the flowers in my garden I decided to pick some of my roses. Once the frost touches them, their soft delicate petals will turn brown as if bruised and they will fail to open. Not wishing to waste them, I decided to bring them indoors.


Once cut and arranged I realised quite how brilliant it is to have roses, right here, right now, in mid October.


The colours of the roses, unashamedly pink, mixed with a sprig of fresh lime Alchemilla mollis is so summery. They smell of summer too.

So whilst the shops and magazines are full of tweeds, woollens and long boots, the garden is holding on to Summer. Bonkers, not conkers.