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Here we are, mid November, still finding things for the vase as part of Cathy’s meme.


My pickings are getting harder to find yet for mid November, it is extraordinary to have any flowers, let alone roses.


I have picked the much used ‘Lark Ascending” rose with some of the orange toned Molinia ‘Transparent”. The colours work so well together . By contrast Calamagrostis xacutiflora Karl Foerster looks bleached and stiff.


Miscanthus sinensis malepartus is pleasingly fluffy.


The rose has masses of buds but with imminent cold weather (surely) I am not anticipating them having the chance to open. The old enamel labelled bottle is made of orange/brown glass and compliments today’s colours. The earlier contents of the jar,? rhei radix pulveratum a herbal remedy for constipation was absent from the jar by the time I was given it.


That’s a relief then.
Have a good week and let’s hope it dries up soon.