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As Christmas approaches small elements of decoration are creeping into the house.
I started off this process with three branches of Magnolia x soulangeana.
The magnolia belongs to my friend where the tree is a magnificent mature specimen. Within the confines of her walled garden the tree has gotten a little too big and needed a prune; these are spoils of the work.


I love the soft velvet buds and the deer-like horn shape to the branches. I also rather like the shadows they cast.
To try to prolong their life I have put them in a little water.


To give it a Christmas vibe I have added a few silver colour snowflakes and small hearts.

Personally I feel I have gild the lily by adding little bits of decoration, but it is that time of year.

So this is my vase this week. Check Cathy’s blog to see her delightful collection of Spring in a vase.

Have a good week everyone. Dorris.