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Letterpress Noel

Like most of you I have been rather busy with Christmas and hope that you have all had an enjoyable few days with your nearest and dearest.

One of the lovely things about the Christmas period is the preparation and decoration. I made three wreaths, one for my boss, one for the church and one for home.  All three are completely different thanks to the foliage chosen.  For home I used lengths of ivy wound round and round with clusters of hawthorn berries tied with florist wire into little groups.  Topped off with a red ribbon and white lights it has sat next to my door, gently twinkling.  This was made with a group of friends who were  making their own wreaths.  Amazingly no two were even a bit alike.

For work I used a large moss covered ring, dressed with a layer of evergreen conifer, topped with varigated Euonymous, female holly Golden king, Ilex Altaclerensis and clusters of their berries.


For the church I used the glaucus blue green foliage of an unknown conifer. This was snipped from my neighbours tree, with permission, but I do not know the form.  It has a strong conifer scent, is rather sticky to use and has small tight cones.  Do you recognise it? Do tell me what species it is, if you know.  To this I added clusters of hawthorn berries and a red bow.  To help the wreath twinkle and stand out against the dark door I added some gold tinsle.


I have a vase full of silver sprayed allium heads mixed with a couple of painted white twigs to decorate the sideboard.

There is a Christmas tree with the usual lights and collection of baubles but I think it is the ones which are home made which are the ones held dear.


Best wishes to you and may your New Year 2016 be healthy and happy.