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The photo challenge this week has been tough.
Zero? Well I found nothing to photograph, zilch.
By way of research I looked up the definition of zero. According to my 1969 Twelfth impression and I am amused to add (with corrections) 1976 Pocket Oxford Dictionary
“Zero: nought, nil; the point in the scale of a thermometer or other graduated instrument from which positive & negative quantity is reckoned.”

Interesting? Maybe. Helpful? Not really.

The Good English Guide, English Usage in the 1990s by Godfrey Howard, is a witty and insightful book given to me by my dear old boss, Barry. The reference states:
“In Britain, nought is the spelling when the word is used for zero; in America, the spelling is naught. In both countries, the hopes, expectations, promises, etc may come to naught, the spelling when the word means ‘nothing’. The same spelling is used when, as is the case now, there is naught left to say about this.
As a numerical digit, such as when reading out a telephone number in Britain we tend to say oh. Americans use zero. Children are taught to use nought (‘noughts and crosses’)”
So the 52 week photo challenge set by Sandra at daffodilwild.wordpress.com
Is taxing ( of the zero-rated variety).
As a gardener and Brit I am rather too interested in checking the weather forecast. Whilst scrolling through I found this:
Zero degrees.