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At the bottom of my garden are three Horse Chestnut trees, Aesculus hippocastanum. The sticky buds have suddenly started to open.

Rather brown and very sticky might seem somewhat dull compared to the array of brown and sticky chocolate eggs some of you may be scoffing and compared to some of the wonderful Spring flowers used at Cathy’s blog https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com


Brown maybe but never dull, the trees offer sticky buds, flowers and conkers . A favourite of children and bees. Those buds facing Northeast are still tightly shut whereas those facing southwesterly, see below are opening.


Trees are fabulous and the Horse chestnut is one of the greats. So far mine have not suffered too greatly with the Bleeding canker which now infects half of all UK horse-chestnuts. Not wishing to depress you at Easter, on your day off, I will not mention any more about the list of disease attacking our horse chestnuts. .
To end instead is a picture of a cheery sight, pink Camellia japonica in the sunshine.
Happy Easter.