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I am linking with Cathy of https://wordsandherbs.wordpress.com to share my view of the the garden as it develops and changes through the seasons.  This Tuesday is a beautiful Summers morning and yet still rain is forecast for later in the day.


The giant Thalictrum Elin


Against a rare blue sky this morning

Thalictrum Elin is a fabulous addition to my border, reaching up to 2.3meters.  The top of the flowers can be seen clearly above the fence line on the roadside.  That may not seem very interesting but to me, where there previously has been no garden at all, this is exciting. I actually prefer the plant at this bud stage before the flowers pop open as its colour changes to a creamy yellow.

The Joe-pie weed Eupatorium purpureum is the large leaf perennial in the foreground of the first picture.  It too will grow tall, up to 2.5m generating pink fluffly flowers on stout stems.  I chose it for its height and its suitability for a wildlife friendly garden.


Even the common old fox gloves  Digitalis purpurea are tall this year.


Behind the tall outer plants, Astrantia Shaggy and Astrantia major are flowering their socks off and have been for about a month.  The grasses are looking ethereal, this is ‘Transparent’ mixing in with the Astrantias creating a haze through which you can see the wonderful rose ‘Lark Ascending.’


The stronger orange on the corner of the bed is the so called ‘rascally’ Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ (so called by Cathy at ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com after seeing it yesterday in my vase on Monday).

The garden is full and some of the plants are reaching their peak.  Roses, grasses, foxgloves, astrantia are wonderful right now.  What is looking great in your garden? If you would like to join in with sharing your Tuesday view, do join Cathy at wordsandherbs.wordpress.com and be sure to make a link back to her page.

Happy gardening