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The view today is not much changed from last week except that the strong winds at the weekend have bashed things a little and some of the last blooms were blown off.  I am joining Cathy at https://wordsandherbs.wordpress.com to share the view.

The last outreaches of the foxgloves remain and Verbena bonariensis is reaching for the sky at about 2m tall.  This is last years plant which survived thanks to the milder wetter Winter we had. Thalictrum Elin is doing her thing way up high.P7125145.JPG

Lower down in the flower bed is achillea, the variety of which I cannot recall right now but you can see it has flopped down over the geraniums and Alchemilla mollis thanks to the wind.


Another survivor from last year is this (out of focus, sorry) Dahlia  Arabian Night which has just begun to flower.  A welcome survivor, expect to see it appearing in Monday vases for a few months. Last but by no means least is my little tree.


Catalpa speciosa ‘pulverulenta’

I have admired the Indian Bean tree but chose this variety in the hope that it will be smaller.  It should reach a maximum 3x3m.  I love it for its pale lime, heart shaped leaves  which are speckled creamy white.  It should have a white flower with purple yellow speckles, still waiting on these.  Currently it is about 1.2m tall and I was very relieved to see that it had survived its first, very wet Winter.P7125147.JPG

As I write we have a yellow warning for heavy rain for this afternoon.  Be careful out there.