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All sorts

The heat is building up over the next couple of days and already the dog is flaked out on the cool flagstone floor.


I grabbed a few of the last roses, this one is The Pilgrim from David Austin. A buttery yellow old style rose with a strong rose fragrance I do like it but find that the weight of the blooms cause it to flop over. A chop to shorten the stem ensures the heads are supported by the sides of the glass. To the rose I have added yellow/ lime coloured Alchemilla mollis and Achillea which fades from dark to pale pink. P7185162.JPG

In a turquoise glass jug I have put the strong pink coloured Cosmos with more of the Alchemilla mollis and Achillea.  I have also added the seed heads of a few poppies.


More Alchemilla has been added to the small Dahlia mignon.  This overwintered in the cutting bed which I am very pleased about.  Finally I have a few of the tiniest Dahlia which I chose because I do love the look of a daisy.P7185168.JPG


So there you have it folks my vases for Monday.  Do take a look at Cathys lovely blog https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com to see some more Monday vases, certainly more cheerful than world news.