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Deep  adjective 

(0f a colour) strong and dark: 

I took this picture last weekend in Delft, Holland. I was walking to the botanical gardens, of course(!) alongside the canal. The houses were all very well cared for with no front garden, the inhabitants had window boxes or perhaps a large pot by their door and this house had a Hollyhock growing between the cobbles. The windows and doors were painted dark blues or grey/ black.

 I was struck initially by the eyecatching colour of this Hollyhock and then the contrast of it to the deep blue/ black paintwork. Its creamy white centre and the pollen sat upon the petal of deep pink. A deep shade of magenta, the depth of its petal colour changing from a sort of Mexican pink at its edge to a deep magenta at its middle. The colour seems all the more deep against the dark background. 

That is my look at the word deep for this weeks photo challenge. Sandra is one of the hosts for the photo challenge. Her lovely blog is https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com

Take a look at other entries on her page and for those of you who saw this as my Wordless Wednesday entry, sorry to be boring and repeat myself but it was too delicious a colour not to show again.