The days are shortening swiftly here and there is a slight edge to the wind which tells me Autumn weather is approaching.  We have had some rain so finally I can get my fork in the ground to tackle the weeds. 

Cathy at https://wordsandherbs.wordpress.com is encouraging us to record our view and I am finding it a rather useful exercise as I assess the good, the bad and the ugly.

The view is looking bedraggled and not at all pretty. I will be moving lots around soon. I really like the Eupatorium and Calmagrostis but they are in the wrong place so I will be attempting to move them to the opposite corner.

 The hellebores, ferns and hostas which are on the right side of the bed are lovely but they are too exposed in the sunshine on a hot day so I will be moving these to the bottom of the garden close to a collection of ferns given to me generously by Cathy of https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com

The shade tolerant hellebores ferns and Solomon’s seal were brought with me from our old garden and although I have planted a tree, Catalpa speciosa ‘Pulverulenta’ it will be some time yet before it generates enough shade for the ferns and hostas. 

I will be removing the Achillea as it is a rather dirty white and not adding much to the scheme.

All of this moving will be done at some point in the next few weeks following which I will be mulching to try to improve the very heavy clay.

The prettier view is in the opposite border. Enjoy.