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Today a large raised bed around the side of the garage was built.

As is often the way with plans, they had to be altered slightly due to a large slab of concrete some 25cm deep. The upshot of the revised layout? A residual sleeper. 

I got on with cutting the grass, keeping out of the way while work progressed. The border has had a bit of a clear, the grey Achillea has been dug out and the Alchemilla mollis has been cutback.

As you can see these pictures were taken at the end of the day, the evening light illuminating the three Horse chestnut trees.  It has been mild today and sunny but there is an edge to the wind to remind us that is October.

Summer is hanging on, the continual flowering rose A Shropshire Lad is looking good against the rather lime toned foliage of Catalpa. 

The Hornbeam hedge is coming together, as well, a hedge.

So back to the left over sleeper. Well while cutting the grass it came to me, a bench! 

Or to be precise, two benches.

A good days work, thanks.