Cathy at https://wordsandherbs.wordpress.com hosts this meme. It is proving to be a rather useful reminder of progress and changes of the seasons and failures. To join in you need to choose your spot and share it with other readers making sure to link back to Cathy. If ever there is a sign that Autumn is here,  it has to be the sight of cobwebs in the garden. This morning was rather foggy first thing so perfect  to show up the webs.
( my interior space is not dissimilar this year as the garden gets priority over housework). 

As to the view

It is beginning to look increasingly Autumnal. The foliage on the Eupatorium is yellowing.  The sky is grey, windless and murky.

There is cutting back to be done in the next few weeks and Geranium macrorrhizum  will be lifted and divided. The hostas look horrid thanks to yellowing snail eaten leaves. 

The Verbena bonariensis has sown itself in mat of the bare soil and will need lifting out. Yet I am not ready to do this yet as I battle to plant out some of my container grown shrubs. The ground has had a layer of liner to stop the weeds and bark chipping which has now broken down, formerly a playground area for my predecessors children removing it all is heavy going and the compacted clay soil takes a lot of digging to make a hole. This new mixed border needs planting this side of either wet or freezing weather. I’d better crack on.