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It is Monday again folks so I am joining Cathy with a vase. Https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com is where you can see vases from around the globe. 

We had a harsh frost last Monday so my dahlias are gone, the last of the rose buds turned brown and well, there is not a fat lot to share. Yet in the hedgerows there are all sorts to see. The prettiest is perhaps the hips of our native Dog rose, Rosa canina. Big, fat, shiny and less red more orange to look at.

With the rose hips are the pink fruits of the native spindle, Euonymus europaeus.

Every year when they reappear I find them slightly disturbing; whoever thought of having pink fruit opening to reveal orange popcorn like seeds, Bonkers. 


Historically the fruits were baked and powdered to treat mange in cattle and head lice on us humans, yikes.  Toxic to humans the berries have a laxative effect, you have been warned. 

I think I shall just admire their cheerful colours and leave it at that. Have a great week.