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Frozen Eucalyptus foliage

Frozen Eucalyptus foliage

This last week has been chilly at best. A crisp start to the New Year.   Welcome 2017.

The garden has been frozen solid and has looked rather beautiful. The Eucalyptus Dalrympleana or Mountain Gum, which I have had for a number of years in a very large pot, was finally given a spot to grow in October.  For those of you who dislike the rapid, weed- like speed with which Eucalyptus can grow, rest assured that this one is to be subjected to regular coppicing.  I love the foliage of this tree and chose it as the leaves are useful in arrangements, have that wonderful, aromatic, eucalyptus scent and  because it is evergreen or should I say evergrey. The foliage looks spectacular with its dusting of ice.

Other plants such as Molinia Transparent have not taken to the cold snap as well and have collapsed into an unruly thatch.  There is little work that can be done outside when the ground is frozen so it is a great time to make plans for the new season.  The books and catalogues are out, pencils at the ready.

What new plans do you have for the garden in 2017?