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Flowering Cactus, competing with a rather snazzy dress.

Cala Lily

The months of January and February, deepest Winter, can be a drag, what with the nasty weather and short daylight hours.  One of the jobs I am tackling presently is to archive a collection of slides which belonged to a friend and neigbour of mine called Joy.


Joy travelled extensively all her life and the slides cover a period of about fifteen years between the mid 1950s and the early 1970s when she was a young woman working for the British government and then an oil company. The images are mainly of South America, Afganistan and Europe.  A keen walker, a great number of her images are of mountain ranges. Joy seemed to love the flora and fauna as much as she did the local people and their customs.  So today when most of the the United kingdom is under snow and ice, I thought these images might help to warm you up.


Clearly appreciative of the native plant lifepict0130

When planting alpines and the label calls for “free draining” this is what I need to have in mind.

Some of slides are labelled and it is rather nice for me to see that some of those which she took the trouble to label are the plant ones:pict0510

Poinsietta, not just for Christmas. 

Then there are these:

pict0200 pict0203pict0206 pict0201

My favourite of the pictures Joy took of the making of the flower carpet is this next one of the Garda put on watering duties.  Certainly looking at the smart attire of all the onlookers I should imagine there was little else for them to do.pict0209

I hope you are feeling warmer now and perhaps your thoughts will now turn to  holiday plans.  

Stay lucky on this Friday.