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So for the record, this Dorris, is not in any way related to the current Doris running amock across the uk. 

I abandoned attempts to prepare the garden belonging to Ali . Debris dropping on my head whilst working was not fun. 

To distract and restore calm I shall share these babies, safely tucked inside the greenhouse. 

Salad leaves on 8 February 

Now, Cut and come again salads and spicy leaves today. 

Thanks to a heat mat, cucumbers, sweet corn, chard, lettuce, basil have germinated. Borlotti beans are beginning to show but so far no sign of the French beans.

We have had power cuts, massive disruption to trains, planes and automobiles, damage to trees and buildings thanks to Doris at 50mph. Further North I hope the snow has eased.

Be safe out there and let’s hope that peace will return as the storm moves off to the North Sea.