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Apple blossom is covering the tree this year and it looks fabulous against the blue sky. I am a little fearful for the damage risk, posed by the forecast of cooler temperatures next week, but we cannot control the weather, can we.

We shall just have to enjoy it while we can. Another palest white with pink/ purple margins are these tulips

Named  Graceland they are part of a lovely mix of tulips with so called ‘Apricot Beauty’ and ‘La Belle Époque ‘.  Planted lasagne style they have not disappointed.

Close up La Belle Époque are very beautiful

Even their insides are attractive 

I am so pleased with these. 

I also planted a ‘scented’ mix of tulips.  Surprisingly to me they actually do what they say i.e. they smell. The colours are strong and rich, the scent rather similar to freesias. 

An eye catching bunch that are making me smile today. Enjoy your weekend.