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Today the view is still about the apple blossom but as I took this picture, petals were beginning to fall. 

The forecast for later today is a cold wind from the North and possibly even showers of hailstones or sleet. I suspect by tomorrow the blossom will be on the ground, gone for another year. Blossom is so fleeting, perhaps that is why we all love it so.

As one plant ends its show of petals, others are getting ready to bloom. 

Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’

Allium siculum 

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ behind new foliage of Rose Gertrude Jekyll.

Some plants are still blooming such as Narcissus Thalia, showing white in the background and Camellia.

Spring is when Euphorbias are at their best including this Euphorbia griffithii Dixter. I love the strength of colour. This was planted less 18 months ago and it is bulking up nicely. 

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Finally the view

The Ash tree on the right has yet to open. I should take a look at the Oak to see where they are. You know what that might mean? 

“Ash before oak we’ll get a soak” but, “Oak before Ash we’ll get a splash.”  There you have it, fully scientific based predictions. Right I am off to read my horoscopes next. 😉