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Bank holidays always seem a bit chaotic to me: engineering works, early closing, late opening, feels like a Sunday but it’s a Monday. Today, so too, my vase is a bit chaotic. 

There are tulips and geums, hellebores and geraniums, persicarias and aquilegias. Flowers of early Spring mixed with early Summer perennials. 

The colours are a mixed up bunch, lime with purple, pinks and reds with shades of orange.

The living room is in chaos thanks to newspapers and revision folders, half done filing and stacks of garden cushions waiting to be aired. With no where suitable to photograph the vase, I resorted to a rather precarious hand held bunch of snaps.

The vase is an Irn-bru shade of glass, a bit weird but somehow in keeping with this motley crew. 

If you have a few minutes, pop over to Cathy to see her vase for today and enjoy looking at vases from around the world thanks to the immense popularity of this meme. Should you fancy joining in, do so and be sure to link back to Cathy. 

I hope you had a good weekend and enjoy the rest of your week.