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  • A swift skip around the borders before work gave me this little group of flowers. Picked  for my vase and of course to join Cathy and the rest of you who take part in her weekly meme. 

The colours are jewel like, especially thanks to the orange and red/orange  Geums. These were so successful last year that I would urge anyone with a space to fill to pop some in. Easy to look after, no staking or spraying required, on my heavy clay soil they reward me with flowers from now until October. 

Shorter lived is Persicaria bistorta. Candy pink, fluffy blooms appear in Spring lasting until early Summer,  lifting the look of what, it has to be said, otherwise resembles a dock leaf. 

A single smaller tulip is included, sorry I cannot recall which one this is but its rich orange shade caught my eye. Geranium phaeum is included as well as the Anthriscus. A cultivated form of cow parsley, Anthriscus has a doilie like divided leaf accompanying the white froth of flowers. Anthriscus Ravenswing the purple leaf variety favoured at Chelsea, was purchased on sale for £1.50 about two years ago. I do love a cheaply priced plant, and although short lived, it seeds around the border providing plants for elsewhere. 

I hope you have a good week.