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This time of year the garden is galloping along, yes galloping.  I took a couple of days away last week to see the Flower Show and then a couple of days in Bath to visit family and walking around the garden today so much has happened. Alchemilla mollis has begun to open its frothy lime flowers, edging the driveway they will soften the hard lines and give me arms full of flowers to add to roses once they begin to open.  (The roses are in bud and beginning to open but I am saving them for June.)

The other froth is from the Anthriscus Ravenswing and Sweet Cicely.  Ravenswing has deeply divided leaves in a dark, or raven colour whilst its soft flowers are white tinged very slightly with a hint of raven; possibly this could make a good name for those rather wonderful colours made by Farrow and Ball. Sweet Cicely also offers a froth of flowers above deeply divided leaves but these are a purer white with green leaves.

alchemilla and sweet cicely

Last time I looked, the Astrantias were forming mounds of green foliage, now they are full of pin cushion flowers which will bloom all Summer long. I have picked Roma and Shaggy for this posy.

Astrantia Roma and Anthriscus Ravenswing, left, Sweet Cicely, right.

I have some daisy looking chrysanthemums and strawberry flowers which are actually a perennial called ho hum, I cannot remember.  Must be that Bank Holiday brain.  Anyway it likes heavier soil, flowers from late Spring to early Summer before disappearing.  It is fresh as a daisy and I do like its tiny flowers.  

When I recall the name I shall update this post.  In the meantime I need to wish you all a good day and encourage you to take a look at other vases hosted by Cathy. Do take a look.