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The wind has blasted the roses relentlessly for a few days. These are some of the snips.  Starting with the palest pink, very strongly scented rose. It was against the fence outside my gate when we moved here but had never flowered. Donkey poop sorts all such issues, thanks Sally, the owner rather than the quadruped. 

A delicate, baby girl pink with some Erigeron which is seeding around the drive nicely.

Then there is an orangey, warm toned pink coloured rose called Morning Mist which was a gift from Linda and Matt. It has not needed any ‘special’ assistance, flowering with its pretty open cup blooms, profusely all Summer. It has a gentle rose scent, the bees love it and it is quickly taking over its wall.

The red rose below is one that I would not have chosen and yet I have three of them, planted by a previous occupant. Eye catching maybe, the colour of those roses sold on February 14th yet they do nothing for me: they do not repeat flower, they fade as they open and have no scent to speak of.  In case you wondered, I am not a fan but they certainly stand out against the black painted weather boards of the barn. Here they are in one of my little bottles. 

Too red?  Unlikely to appear in this feature again.

These are my flowers this Monday to join all those lovely, like-minded bloggers out there who are sharing their garden flowers with Cathy.

Have a great week. D.