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Today I am sharing my Tuesday view but it is not actually mine. Going against the spirit of the meme Cathy hosts, I hope I will be forgiven, this is my view today.

A long narrow garden with brick and pebble paths there is no grass to maintain. Instead the whole garden is packed with plants. There are half a dozen trees, including a couple of mature apples, a beech and an ornamental weeping pear.

There are rambler roses and honeysuckle clambering around. These predate the new planting of white foxgloves, poppies, evening primrose, perennial sweet pea and knautia macedonia. Valerian, fennel, alliums and geraniums to name just a few.

There are lots of grasses including Stipa gigantea, stipa tenuissima and stipa arundica. Through the planting there is a stepping path of sleepers set in the ground to enable easier access for maintenance and for complete immersion through the plants. Low growing thyme and vinca minor have been planted around the timbers. 

It is a delightful sight especially as I do not have to work on it, I can just enjoy its prettiness. Further down the garden there are a number of ramshackle buildings including a summer house, log store, studio and shed. Yes this garden has not one but five buildings. In the first photo you can see the exterior of the brick built studio. This is the approach to the summerhouse.

How sweet is this.

At the top of the garden which is shadier there are ferns and hellebores. I like this combination, perennial sweet pea and fern Dryopteris filix 

I hope you enjoyed this view, I think it’s super. 

Poppy seed heads. 

Another look at the succulent planter.