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My goodness it is August, yikes our Summer is galloping along. The view in my garden is altering as the roses fade out between flowerings.

The echinops and coreopsis are flowering but the earlier hot, dry weather has stunted their growth when compared to last year. 

Echinops and Coreopsis in front of Molinia Transparent. 

On the edge of this border is a carpet of Persicaria affinis. This ground covering form has engulfed the tiny but very pretty Thalictrum. Look carefully you can just see the delicate foliage poking through. 

While I am preparing this post to share with Cathy our lovely host of the Tuesday View, I thought I could also share my recent project. 

At the bottom of my garden there was a patio which was not very pretty, having served as a base for some sheds to store bedding for the goats. I noticed that as it was west facing it was the perfect spot to catch the evening sun.  Under the trees, it seemed the perfect place for a bench.  Alas it was not to be as the birds sat in the trees above and well made rather a mess. Quickly the seating was relocated and I made a mental note to get the patio taken up. 

Then when out and about I spotted a shelter for smokers in a pub garden and that got me thinking ( not smoking). Four posts and a lid that would do the job keeping the err debris off. The seed planted in my mind I started to look on line for something suitable. Then I came across EW Carter working on a tree house. After a brief discussion the plan was on. 

Created offsite in locally sourced Sweet chestnut, the frame went up in a couple of days at the beginning of May. Then the roof of my choice, wrinkly tin. 

After a swift topping out drink there was a pause pending my painting the cladding. Sadolin to match the building around us was applied to weatherboards. Never again, such a tedious task and so tricky as the wet boards were too long to stand up in the garage. Yawn. Anyway it got done and Ed returned to apply the cladding. 

I then painted the interior side of the cladding in a Cuprinol old stone. 

Then Ed returned to instal bench seating , again in sweet chestnut. 

Oil lamps given to us years ago by Brother Dorris have a new home and citronella candles provide any lighting. An indoor/ outdoor mat from ikea disguise the slabs and a group of cushions and throws serve to make a comfy hideaway. 

 Now if the weather would only improve …..