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Hola! Having not long returned from my holidays, I am struck by how cold it is. Where did Summer disappear to. The view this morning was softened by a grey light mist.

After last nights rain everything was dripping wet, literally. 

The one thing I do like at this time of year is seeing the cobwebs:

That poor verbena bonariensis is swamped. 

Sedums are in full colour looking at their best this time of year. 

The other outstanding plant for this time of year is Miscanthus sinensis seen here with Eupatorium in the fore ground and white Sanguisorba candenensis 

So that was my view this morning, rather Autumnal. Now at 6pm the sun is shining as if a different day. I am joining Cathy to share my view. Why don’t you think about sharing yours? 

Have a good evening.D.