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Evening all. First off a Vase to join Cathy. I am late for In a Vase on Monday but I hope I will be forgiven. 

These are roses from David Austin, rose ‘A Shropshire Lad’ with dahlias from Sarah Raven and opium poppy. ‘Black Single’. 

I hope you had a Vase to share with Cathy and the many other growers from around the world. 

Now to my Tuesday view. Cathy Of words and herbs , rather than rambling Cathy who hosts IAVOM, encourages us to record a view in our gardens throughout the year. It is both a useful record and interesting to see the impact the weather and seasons are having on our chosen spot. 

From the ground up, this shot shows the carpet of Persicaria affinis catching the morning sunshine. This is a very happy plant and I will have to be cutting it back before it takes over the lawn.

Molinia Transparent is doing its job well. A transparent screen. 

White sticks of self sown Sanguisorba canadensis mingling where they choose. 

Behind the Molinia is Coreopsis moonbeam, still flowering. 

Today has been lovely but in exposed parts ( the garden, not me) there was a nip to the air. Autumn is coming in fast now. We need to make the most of these last flowers of Summer before the scene turns brown and crisp. 

Just look at these lovelies. 

Erigeron, stipa, now known as Nassella tenuissima, verbena bonariensis.