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Did you know, this is one of my favourite shrubs in the garden at this time of year,

Fatsia japonica.

Evergreen with large waxy palmate leaves, Fatsia can grow to an impressive 2.5 meters.

Once established it needs little maintenance save for the removal of its dead leaves.

It tolerates deep shade and neglect and will grow on most soils including chalk which this specimen is proof of.

Most of all, it has these creamy white Pom Pom flowers which stand out against the dark green leaves.

These days (does that make me sound old?) Fatsia is referred to as an ‘architectural plant’ and yes it certainly is. Yet it is more than just that, it is also a star at the back of a border in a country garden or a rather handsome feature plant in the foreground of a town garden, perhaps hiding the bins.

Architectural, low maintenance, evergreen, shade tolerant, neglect tolerant yes Fatsia japonica really does all these things. It is also, absolutely beautiful at this time of year.

I hope you have had a good Friday. Do you like Fatsia japonica?