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Orchids, once the preserve of the connoisseur, the eccentric or the rich are now positively commonplace thanks to the supermarkets. As a consequence I feel a little nonplussed about them yet really I should be delighted as they have become readily available and relatively affordable.

Perhaps it is because they are available with the baked beans and the cornflakes, just stick it in the trolley with the weekly shop that Orchids no longer feel “special”. Or maybe it is because they are available in every conceivable colour, including vivid blue, that they no longer seem special or exquisite.

This one has been in the house for a couple or three weeks. It was a gift from cousin Julie and I really am enjoying it. I think perhaps it is the stripes which are visible on both sides of the petal and the rather interesting colour combination that is holding my interest.

The roots are usually in clear plastic pots as they need some natural light. I found this rather nice, clear glass, fat (jam pot shaped) vessel, which I think suits it rather well. Should you find yourself in Wendover, pop into the courtyard to see Liberty Rose Vintage. Failing that look at her Instagram page of the same name.

So what do you think about orchids? Love them or loathe them? D.